Harley Viera-Newton, DJ

“I’m not going to pretend I’m low maintenance because I’m not low maintenance! I have a pretty natural look for day, but I mix things up at night—I always tend to do a cat-eye situation. I love the MAC liquid eyeliner because it’s easy to apply. I’m not very good at makeup so I stick to eyeliner and a lip. Dior does great reds—#752 is my go-to. It’s really bright…I don’t go too dark on the lips; it doesn’t look good with my skin tone. And I love the Tom Ford lipsticks. The color range is amazing—I need them all. I only have two so far but my collection is growing. Ginger Fawn is my favorite. I’ve been really into orange lipsticks lately as opposed to red, and I like matte formulas—I’m not a big fan of gloss or glitter. That being said, I love Dior’sShimmer Powder in the tan color. It’s not too bronze-y and not too blush-y. Everyone who comes over and uses it winds up buying it.

I don’t really wear foundation; I use concealer.Guinot made the best spot concealer in the entire world—it’s my sacred bottle, they discontinued it. All my friends know about my little tube of concealer and how it’s off limits to them. When it finishes my life will be over. I also have dark circles so I’m always trying to find the best thing to fight them. I love the Garnier Eye Roller—it has caffeine and minerals in it plus coverage—it’s just a drugstore thing. I put it under my eyes before Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. I actually use a lot of drugstore products—I love the Revlon Just Bitten lip stains—I have every single color. I’m a big fan of lip stains as opposed to lipsticks for the daytime, just because I feel like it’s a little more natural and easier to maintain. For mascara, I’m all about Diorshow Blackout. And an eyelash curler is my best friend—the Shu Uemura. If I could take one beauty product to a desert island, it’d be that. I feel like it just changes everything. I have pretty long lashes so sometimes I’ll just curl them and skip mascara and that’s enough.

I wash my face with a basic Neutrogena cleanseror a Dior exfoliator, then I do a spritz of the Evian mineral water spray which I’ve used for many years. The Bliss masks save my life all the time…there’s one called Steep Clean, I do it once a month and it just cleans out all your pores and prevents breakouts. And the other one I love is the Oxygen Mask which is great for when I’m exhausted, it’s a pick-me-up. I also love Embryolisse cream, it’s a staple for when my skin is very dry. I designed a limited-edition blotting paper for Dior—I don’t like powder because it’s cakey but I have a problem with oil and shine, so blotting paper is the best solution for me. And have you tried Dior’s Crystal Nudecompact? It’s incredible—it’s a mattifying gel that has the same effect as powder. It looks like a balm. So it’s perfect for when you don’t want to look blotchy or cakey.

For my hair, I use any shampoo—right now I’m using Herbal Essences. I really like the Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious shampoo and conditioner too, and the Kérastase hair masksfor when my hair is super tangled and dry in the summer. But to be honest I’ve just been using the Herbal Essences and letting it air dry wavy. Sometimes, if it’s looking really dead, I’ll use the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. I get highlights once a year and let them grow out; I like it super blond at the bottom. I go to Johnny Ramirez atNeil George Salon in LA. My very favorite thing is getting them done in the summer and then going in the ocean and sun so the tips get bleach bleach blond.

I have an unhealthy obsession with nail art. It started when I went to C T nails in LA. It was the first nail art experience I’ve had and my life hasn’t been the same since. And then I foundSakura in New York, where they do CalGel, so not only do you get a crazy design, it also lasts for three weeks or more. My nails always peel or break and the CalGel helps them grow out longer. There’s another place, in SoHo, calledMarie Nails which is also amazing. That’s where I go now, but they were all booked this time so I went to Sakura and got this whole tropical situation for a trip to Brazil. I’ve done pretty much everything: full rhinestones on every single nail; I did a rainbow French which has actually been my favorite so far. I’ve done a Christmas theme, a Halloween theme, you name it. It’s fun coming up with things to do. For example, I knew this time I wanted fruit, and they happened to have little stickers, so I got lucky, but most of the time I have a really exact idea.

I just recently started doing the Power-Platework out. You do a whole routine while standing on a vibrating platform. It’s obviously a fad that I’ve fallen for, but I’m fully into it. Every 1 crunch equals 2 crunches when you’re on the plate, type of thing. So after 30 minutes of it you leave and you’re in such pain, that it must work?”

—as told to ITG

Harley Viera-NewtonHarley Viera-NewtonHarley Viera-NewtonHarley Viera-NewtonHarley Viera-Newton

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